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THIN LAM 3,2W Tg 180ºC Low CTE

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Insulated Metal Substrate (IMS), based aluminium clad with ED
copper foil on the opposite side. Dielectric main properties are
their high Tg, providing a great reduction of the mismatch due to
their low CTE, high thermal conductivity and electrical isolation.
A proprietarily formulated reinforced-polymer-ceramic bonding
layer with a high thermal conductivity of 3.2W/mK and high
dielectric strength allows us to guarantee thermal dissipation
from electronic components to the aluminum base in fast and
efficient way.
The entire COBRITHERM range is 100% proof test guaranteed.
AISMALIBAR tests the isolation in between the copper and aluminum layers under high voltage.
Ideal for power moduls, IGBTS and automotive power train.